CREO Originals

CREO Originals enable you to enjoy beautiful fine art on a daily basis, and to connect with the artist who created it.

We promote undiscovered artists by adorning CREO's original salon products with original fine art.  

Enjoyable and Proven Effective:  Perfected through testing with hundreds of salon customers and stylists, CREO products feel good, smell good and are proven to reverse and prevent all forms of hair damage and color loss, leaving hair softer, shinier and stronger.

Healthful and Eco-Friendly:   sulfate-free, silicone-free, vegan, animal cruelty free, free of synthetic fragrance, BPA free, TEA free, DEA free, oxide free, paraben free, phthalate free, petrochemical free and gluten free.

Inspiring: CREO Originals offer something beautiful, something inspirational, something created with joy, happiness, imagination and passion.

Soothing: Fine art has been clinically proven to lift one's mood, reduce stress and contribute to a deeper sense of well being. Each bottle possesses a depth and character that stirs the imagination and soothes the soul. 

Philanthropic:  Helping an artist realize their dream and contributing to making the world a more beautiful place are all part of this very unique and personal user experience. 

Elegant and simple:  Enjoy authentic fine art and connect with the artist who created it, while enjoying a completely natural and uniquely effective product.

Our First Featured Artist - Brianna Deveraux, San Luis Obispo, CA